Pix马桶坐便器去黄渍黑渍强力发泡清洁粉 3包入 Pix Foam Toilet Cleaner 送一片马桶清洁泡腾片





直接倒入马桶一包 放置30分钟以上 也可以等晚上睡觉之前, 或者出门之前倒入一包

早上起来 或者回家后直接冲水。


请注意 使用时候要保证 通风


跑跑一点点的蓬松上来 接触到的地方都会干净

使用时建议佩戴手套, 不要直接接触

Leave it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour (it is okay to leave it overnight with ventilation).
* The foaming method differs depending on the type and size of the toilet bowl.

After cleaning, run enough water until there are no bubbles.
* If it is extremely dirty, use it several times in a row.
* Depending on the degree of darkening, it may not come off.

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