花王蒸汽温热贴 腰腹部热敷贴/痛经贴/暖宫贴 5片装 KAO Megurism Tummy Steaming Patch 5sheets


Kao (花王) 蒸气腹部温热贴有效缓解女性生理期间的腹部疼痛和不适,促进肠胃蠕动和血液循环。
蒸气温热感觉舒适 (约40℃),5-8小时恒温,温热贴专为女性腰部的舒适设计,超薄型设计也不会影响衣着外观。
Kao Megurism Steam Tummy Sheet improves blood circulation to boost the work of relieve the stomach muscle pain.
Temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius and last for around 5 to 8 hours.
Specially designed for sticking on the tummy and aims at soothing and easing soreness fatigue in the tummy, especially for females during their menstrual period
The patch is odor-less and thin, stretchable texture fits firmly to the skin
Country of Origin: Japan
How to Use:
  1. Place the patch directly onto the underwear or cloth, use for muscles of tummy.

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