Disney限定包装 ellips护发精油胶囊摩洛哥发油 米妮款 30粒【玫红色-烫染受损必入款Rose red-hair treatment】 ellips hair care essential oil capsules Moroccan hair oil


印尼巴厘岛ellips护发精油胶囊摩洛哥发油 -修复干枯发头发改善毛躁

内容量: 1ml x 30 粒


玫红色-烫染受损必入款Rose red-damaged by hot dyeing

适合烫染过的头发 ,针对毛躁受损发质!! 比较清爽,玫瑰花和嫩叶草香味!



1 洗发后用毛巾吸干头发水分,以不滴水状态为佳

2 按个人发量取1-2粒护发精油胶囊涂抹于头发中后段(不可涂抹头皮)稍加按摩,直至吸收,无需冲洗。


Indonesia Bali ellips hair care essential oil capsules Moroccan hair oil-repair dry hair and improve frizz

Contents: 1ml x 30 capsules

1. Precisely quantify each pill accurately, one pill at a time, not greasy
2. Natural environmental protection and environmental protection capsule material design, reduce secondary pollution, ready to use
3. The design of quick and easy-to-use capsules can not be touched or spilled, so quick and easy-to-use

Rose red-damaged by hot dyeing

Suitable for perm and dyed hair, for frizzy and damaged hair! ! Relatively refreshing, the fragrance of roses and tender leaves!

Multi-vitamins combined with jojoba oil, Moroccan oil, to repair damaged hair due to hot dyeing or straining!



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