Black Gel Pack Just peel off the pore Pack! 黑色三冠王清洁毛穴去角栓保湿凝胶 清洁面膜 90 g


日本三冠王black peel pack去角质去黑头去脂肪粒深层清洁撕拉式面膜

与透明质酸,胶原蛋白,蜂王浆提取物,熊果苷,胎盘提取物相配合 可以去除陈旧角质,胎毛,为毛孔,角质,起到充分补水作用。并能修护受损毛孔。



Black gel pack 90 g pores, downy, is moisturizing Pack to clear old dead skin and pore. Simple nose pore Pack face paint, just peel off. Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, Royal Jelly extract, arbutin, placenta extract, etc.

And please apply to hide parts picked up as needed after cleansing the skin, around the hairline and eyes to avoid the damn uniform to your skin.
And if your procrastination for 15-20 minutes as pack please. Freeze Pack with thin color. If dry perfectly, from the end please Peel slowly.

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