零食 Box of MICKEY SHAPED LOLLIPOP sweet&amp sour flavor 30pic 整盒米奇头造型棒棒糖【酸甜】 30枚


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这个棒棒糖最近有点火爆哦! 在日本小孩子人手都有 日本妈妈们都随身放在宝宝里备着!!!




不单单孩子 都是妈妈们买来自己吃。。。汗 哈哈,总之你不会后悔的

Mickey shaped lollipop, your children will always always always love it for sure!

There are 30 lollipops in a box with 6 different color and flavor!

It is not too sweet but sweet and sour! Very special!

With all of your favorite Anpanman characters you can enjoy the seven different flavors and packaging in this lollipop collection.

We will surprise you with a character and flavor if you order just one, but you can also order seven and get the complete set!


individually wrapped lollipop candy in one of seven assorted flavors: orange, peach, melon, cola, soda, strawberry and grape (10g of tasty treats)

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Artificial and Natural Flavors and Artificial Colors

Manufacturer: Ezaki Glico Company, Limited

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