安耐晒漫威英雄联盟限定款 地表最强防晒霜 安耐晒小金瓶 全明星[Limited Quantity] Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Skin Care Milk N (all stars) 60mL


最新款漫威X資生堂安耐曬聯名限定款 日本限定販售版本

一種特殊的力量沉睡在每個人身上。 為了發揮這種力量, Anessa 和 Marvel 之間的合作誕生了。

陽光下更多的自由和力量。 你應該能夠遇到最好的自己, 就像超級英雄一樣。





Sweat, water, heat, and moisture in the air strengthen the UV blocking film.
Surprisingly smooth milk.
50% skin care ingredients. Beauty up effect, transparent beautiful skin finish.
Masks can get stuffy, rub resistant, super waterproof, and can be removed with soap.
Anessa x Marvel limited design.

* “Strongest” means SPF50+, PA++++ and waterproof effect in ANESSA

● Fruity floral scent

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