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Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat (600 × 390 × 9 mm) / BATH MAT

No deodorant, moisture, mildew & mites control, washing! “Diatomaceous earth” absorbency with outstanding mat!
Absorption astounding, no washing daily! Deodorizing effect is hygienic, hassle-free!
Absorption astounding, daily washing are unnecessary, deodorizing and a satellite, hassle-free and became a thing from the public spotlight in effect that “diatomaceous earth mat”.
Is diatomaceous earth and ancient plant plankton (diatom) for many years cross thrust to the sea floor and lakebed, fossilized remains of natural minerals.
Diatomaceous earth bath mats of water absorption astounding “odor and moisture adjustment effect” Suppression of mold and dust mites might hit factor is unthinkable in mat with no washing, always comfortable that a number of benefits. To realize absorption astounding us.

How to care
And increases the number of times used, clogging surface in vent holes (holes), falls water power.
By falls water power might abrade sanded surface, recovers the natural absorbency.
Lightly wipe off with dry shavings surface after stripping cloth.

We recommend you shade it 1 ~ 2 times in one week. Helps reduce odors and mildew infestation.
As summer 1 times in 1 week, winter 3 day one is preferable.

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