骨折特价 大公鸡发蜡套装!210g+87g Keep u all day UP!!!Cool Grease Cock Grease XXTra Hard Hair Pomade


日本 原装 Cock Grease XXTRA Hard大公鸡发膏!

这可是akl银行界大哥推荐的, 我家严肃人后来亲自体验哦!

无论是飞机头! 发哥头!华尔街头! 毫无压力自上而下一天到晚的硬!根本软不下来!

职场潮人儿必备! 霸气外露到没有朋友! 让锉锉的小伙伴根本无法和你愉快地玩耍!

更夸张的是!这个打开一看!颜色 嘿 特别嫩黄透明 有点像果冻!我以为应该是gel类软软的吧?!结果一摸我赛 真的是硬的发膏类居然不是gel!特别奇妙! 奥克兰的潮人们赶紧的来吧!

我在图片里贴了一些我喜欢发型 尤其这个贝克汉姆我去 太帅了!用这个发膏不是梦!

Cool Grease Cock Grease XXTra Hard Hair Pomade


Cool Grease Cock Grease Pomade has a cult following that people love.

If you're looking to try a new pomade and are looking for a super strong hold with a high shine finish, this is definitely worth a try.

The Japanese hair pomade works great on even the toughest hair types and can easily be re-styled throughout the day.

It has a pineapple scent that is refreshing and vibrant.

  • Water Type Formula
  • Super strong hold
  • High Shine finish
  • Vibrant pineapple scent
  • Made in Japan

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